Welcome to AutoTest

The Crunch AutoTest is a new, innovative technology product, focused on testing driver skill, planning and precision as part of a safe and fun activation. We understand consumer engagement is crucial at any live event – whether at a private client experience, partner activation day or broader consumer facing activation. AutoTest has been specifically developed and designed to enable brands to put their guests in the driving seat (literally!) and immerse them in both their product and deliver an experience that is challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

How It Works

AutoTest is portable and simple to set up by our expert team at any outdoor event. A multi-configurable course is created using Smart Cones (the gates), with each pair topped with the GPS based tech. Colour coded LED lights denote the course for each driver – no two routes are identical – with green being the next gate to pass through, blue indicating the gate that follows and red what has been completed.

The driver enters the AutoTest arena with an instructor by their side, and then sets off to the first green gate to start. Each course can be configured within 50m x 50m space and upward, is relatively low speed and is completed within just 60 seconds.

Each driver receives a full set of data on completion, giving feedback on their time and accuracy on the course and more. This can be printed onsite or emailed to the guest directly for improved data capture.

What’s Included

AutoTest is offered as a turn-key package with the following key elements:

  • Consultation on experience, venue and event format
  • Supply of Smart Cone equipment
  • Up to six ‘gates’
  • AutoTest branding on all cones (options to personalise are available)
  • Provision of full event support including venues, staff, hospitality
  • Reports and scorecards for all participants
  • Full risk-assessment of each event
  • Provision of an event handbook
  • Provision of a Smart Cone branded technician and event host
  • Single event, multi-event or annual licensed program options are available

What to Remember

  • AutoTest is a safe and challenging activity for customer and guest engagement
  • Not limited by type or performance of vehicle
  • Adapts to each driver so that everyone, of any ability, can enjoy the experience
  • Flexible enough be held in confined spaces without the need for a racetrack
  • Possible to deliver for up to 45-guests per hour
  • Places customers behind the wheel of your brand and gives the experience of pushing the car whilst in a controlled environment
  • Opportunity for extensive branding / personalization, PR, and content generation
  • It’s fully portable, giving greater opportunity for roadshows, national campaigns and more…

See AutoTest in action here

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