Being Crunch

Crunch is different and we’re proud of it. People who know us all comment on how we’re … well, different. There’s being different for the sake of it. There’s being different to stand out from the crowd and there’s being different because you’re brave enough to trust yourself and be who you want to be.

See, we were very frustrated with boring sponsorship activation programmes. Sport offers so much yet increasingly was at risk of failing to deliver for brands and fans alike.

We believe that deep within the heart of sponsorship activation lies one key ingredient: brave, confident people.

People are the life-blood of sponsorship. The fans, the customers, the readers, the viewers, the players, the drivers, the mums and dads, the media, the clients and the customers.

We get very cross when sponsorship activation just delivers repetitive, lowest-common-denominator programmes as if everyone out there was a robot.

It was that sort of conversation in London in 2008 from which the company was founded and since that fateful evening we have been on a mission to deliver braver sponsorship activation that gets the blood pumping and delivers tangible results.

Crunch is about making sure that values that have served us so well for over ten years continue to flourish within the walls of a company where autonomous brilliance is as valued as friendship and trust.

Now hear this

Motorsport is a place where heroes and geniuses are born under the adoring gaze of millions and millions of fans. Technically peerless, truly global and with a strong legacy, motorsport stands tall amongst the crazes and the trends as one of the very few truly enduring monolithic sporting giants.

As a sponsorship platform, it offers thrills, danger, excitement and reach on a global scale to boys, girls, men and women of all ages, cultures and languages, motorsport not only effortlessly crosses multiple barriers but does so with world-leading technical integrity that no other sport or industry can match.

Of course, not everyone sees it that way. We’ve seen brands be coerced into sponsoring pretty much everything. We hail the valiant efforts to connect with new audiences, but the deals are ultimately doomed to be written off as short-term branding tactics which achieved little more than a strong, but fleeting, ad campaign.

So why do we care? Because we’ve seen it work. We have seen motorsport sponsorship achieve results that most other properties can’t even imagine. Want direct sales impact? Want more brand awareness? Want better messaging? No problem; proper motorsport sponsorship can deliver that in bucket loads, and we’re fed up of boring, mediocre sponsorship activation not reaching its true potential.

Insightful motorsport sponsorship which is well-negotiated, expertly executed and properly measured is on the verge of making a huge comeback and we are the captains of that ship.

Sure, we love the sport in which we work, but our job is to make more people realise the value and it’s our passion to prove it to them.

Crunch: Be brave

What makes us, us

Our values set the code by which we live. They guide the way we work and the way we conduct relationships with clients, colleagues, partners, media and suppliers. Our attitude and behaviour makes us recognisable as Crunch; they embody and define our brand. The business will grow and evolve but our values remain constant.

We are courageous. We strive for exceptional performance knowing that to be great we have to push the boundaries. We’re positive and focus on the great things that we can do, not what others do wrong. We have drive, energy, optimism, reliance and tenacity. We’re innovative in a disruptive, positive way. We are brave.

‘To the victor the spoils!’ We want to be the best. We want to win and know that to do that you have to push harder than anyone else. We know we can do more and push ourselves forward time after time. We draw on all available resources to keep innovating and developing.

Crunch is nothing without our clients. They give us the opportunity to conduct bold and rewarding work and are at the centre of nearly everything we do. It’s obvious by the way that we behave that we deeply believe and understand this. Our clients have achieved a lot and they put faith in us. In return, we’re professional and show respect, loyalty, tolerance and integrity. All with a splash of fun along the way.

We also believe that people are the magic ingredient that make our business work. To connect with people, first you need to understand them. If you don’t get people, you don’t get Crunch.

We’re more creative than most but also fiendishly realistic and practical. It’s the missing ingredient in most sponsorship activation.

But ultimately, we care. Our actions and words show that we care about others. We have faith in our team and each other. We direct and guide with clarity and judgement, demonstrating courage when faced with difficult decisions.

Crunch: Be brave.

The Knight

We want to be creative catalysts. Our ambition is to lead by example and to show the path to constant improvement.

We strive to be the individuals who stand at the front of the room and deploy guidance which enlivens as much as it inspires. Using our knowledge, passion, training and experience, our satisfaction comes from delivering something of which the client could barely dream.

We have the courage to trust each other yet know when to ask for help. We have strength of character to hold our nerve when the pressure is on. We have the endurance to fight through fatigue and discomfort as the deadline ticks ever-nearer and the gallantry to pull it all off with a smile.

We have the wherewithal to execute a complicated strategy and never forget the importance of the details that lie within and we look after each other at all times.

We move in a way that others cannot with nimbleness and agility that makes us powerful and sought-after.

And that is why our logo is a knight.

Crunch: Be brave